In just over two weeks we have had approximately 40 people come to Haiti ARISE from Canada to help with disaster relief.  Some have gone back now, but the amount of work getting done is tremendous.  To date, 60 roofs have been repaired on houses in this area and in the area hardest hit by the hurricane.  Two church roofs have been replaced and the roofs on two Voodoo temples were placed by us as a witness to them.  The guys on the work crew were even given a tour inside by the priest. That is most unusual!
We currently have a medical team here from BC. They are treating 120 patients each day.  Last week, half of the team traveled to the hardest hit area (approx. 3 hours from here) to do a two day mobile clinic.  They took a load of food, hygiene items, pails for water with filter systems for them, and medicine.  They treated approx. 150 people in a day and a half.
They came back with many is one of them.....
Marc and a couple of guys were traveling down a road to a work site and came across a man walking down the road.  Marc stopped and talked with him.  He said that during the hurricane his wife was in labor and gave birth to a baby girl. As time passed during her labor, their house started to blow apart.  As soon as the baby was born, he ran her to his mother's house for safety. He then went back for his wife, however, his house had fully collapsed and she died. A few hours later, he and his mom heard a little cry and went out to see what it was....they found a baby (maybe 9 months old) by himself on the ground.  After doing some checking around, they realized that the baby's parents had been killed by the hurricane. Now, he and his mother are looking after these two babies.
This is a sad story but, please know, the Haitian people are resilient.  Our church was full on Sunday as many came to praise and worship their Lord God.
Thanks for your prayers.  Please continue to pray for the people of Haiti and those who are here to serve them.
Wade & Marilyn