As we prepare to leave and have our final roof top evening, we are reminded we have shared in a life changing experience.  We all are struggling to put into words what we have seen and experienced.  One thing is sure, our hearts are forever bonded to Haiti and its people.

Some highlights for me today are meeting and working side by side with the Children’s Village’s first mother.  She has a heart to serve and raise up strong Godly leaders.  Our family, was able to travel to Leogane to meet another little girl we sponsor with a different organization.  To sit with her, hold her hand and look into her eyes was truly special.  What an honor to meet a child you have prayed and cared for, from a far.  We also finished up all the bunk beds and headed to the beach for a final dip in the ocean.  The ocean is a beautiful turquoise blue and so refreshing to sit and soak in after a long hot day!  On our way back from the beach, Jayden and Amilyn’s sponsor child Charles, spotted them and ran full tilt to them.  His smiling face and bright shining eyes were all you needed to know exactly how he feeling.  We then walked over to were his mother was sitting and had a chance to meet her and see how they live.  She was warm and inviting towards us.  She informed us she attends Haiti Arise Church but does not have a bible of her own.  As I sit typing, Jayden and Amilyn are writing an inscription into a new bible donated by our Sunday School children!  Full circle…children sharing the word of God with other children.  My heart is bursting with joy as I look back at our team and how they have stepped up to serve.  The hand of God has touched us in so many ways and we will forever be changed.

Rhea Lynne