From Haiti to our friends at TLC and our families,

The days are counting down this is Tuesday, are days are full right from sunrise on the rooftop till evening sharing our highlights of the day.

All types of work going on- from painting on fluoride- to putting together furniture- making bunk beds- sanding tables. We’ve seen men painting on fluoride and women doing the woodwork. Also shared with team members meeting their sponsor children for the first time. Some of the team stepped outside of their comfort zone, eating goat for the first time and going through the villages, talking to the people that live there. One of the team mentioned that a Haitian villager had said he was thankful for all that Canadians do. That says it all. Little by little we can make a difference.

From our new found country, to our family and friends at TLC, without all of your support and prayers, a lot of this would not have come about.

-          From Jackie

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