What heat and exhaustion!!…after a very hot night due to failed electrical to run AC, we staggered down for a quick breakfast and coffee before 7 AM church.  Service started with an hour of praise and worship songs in Creole (in standing).  What energy and these Haitians have! I noted several very disabled ladies in the pew opposite – one of them was Patience that I had met on community walk a few days ago.  I know that she walked at least a quarter mile with her one crutch to get to church.  What dedication and long-suffering!  After a lengthy prayer in Creole (which Lisa translated for us) we were seated and offering was collected. Then with Brad (from Nelson, BC) on guitar and Erica on piano plus the Haitian drummer, bass guitar and saxophone, Amilyn and her back-up singer (moi) led two songs in English.  The “blancs” stood and sang while the Haitians remained seated (weird) no doubt in shock due to our lack of Movement and Volume!!!  What Joy and inspiration!!..Pastor Jim delivered an impassioned sermon with translation by Pastor Mark, concerning being more than a Believer of Jesus.  He challenged us to be true Followers of Jesus and to dedicate every part of our lives to the Lord.  What stamina and engagement!!  The service ended with more songs, announcement and finally, after 3 hours, (yes, it was 10:00AM ) hugs and handshakes

Coffee, snacks and naps were on our minds by then.  As it is cook Luciana’s day off (altho she came in before 6 to set up coffee) our ladies worked last evening and today to prepare lunch.  Then it was off to Tampion.  What a joyous adventure!!  Up the mountain we drove to a little church started by Roselyn and Johnnie.  With just a concrete slab, a rough frame and tin roof, and some old pews, it is an amazing Childrens’ ministry.  We set up and accommodated about 50 kids in our dental clinic.  While Amilyn, Erica, Brad and myself led music, the guys took over Flouride treatments.  What sweet faces and poor teeth!!  WE loved being with them and it was hard to leave but we were going out for supper at Mondy’s where we enjoyed chicken or goat and plantain.  It started to rain and it is cool and refreshing.  WE ended our day with cake ala chocolate sauce and fresh pineapple to celebrate Erica and Greg’s first wedding anniversary.  (they also received a special blessing up at Tampion, with wishes that they return next year with a baby!!)  Ditto for Amilyn and Jayden!!)

Now its off to bed with hopes of a better, cooler sleep as the rain continues – which we are told will be followed by mosquitos.  Continue to pray for us as we

 wind down here, as we will also continue to pray for you at home.  And pray for peace and comfort for the Haitians.  Words cannot describe all that we have seen, heard, and experienced here thus far. 

Blessings. Sista’ VAL

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