January 23, 2016


Another beautiful day in Haiti.  Devotions on the roof with Jackie leading that group.  After another great breakfast we met to walk to the market with Wade and Marilyn.  What an adventure that was, after winding through many back lanes and crossing a busy road we arrived at the market and oh the smells and the heat and the crowds.  It was quite the sensory overload.  This is where all residents get their food and dry goods, no Walmart for them.  We spent a few hours wandering the lanes where Bill bought fresh buns at the ’bakery’. How our guides were able to lead us back out of the labyrinth I will never know but eventually we made it back to Haiti Arise.


After lunch and a break we were off for an afternoon at the beach.  A short walk brought us to a beautiful place with white sand and turquoise blue water where our group spent a few hours swimming and snorkeling. Liam tried his hand at fishing but all he got for his efforts was a lost fish hook.  Some of us bought fresh caught lobster and fried plantain.  Yum! Back to the Mission for much needed showers.


Later on the wind picked up and it tried to rain with no success.  Amilyn, Erica and Val got together with Brad (another Haiti Mission worker from Nelson, B.C.) to rehearse for singing in church tomorrow. Another great meal brought our busy day to a close. Looking forward to another great day tomorrow.