Hello Friends and Family!


We have had another busy day in beautiful Haiti! The ladies finished the dental clinic for the elementary kids this morning. We provided fluoride treatments for approx. 370 students! Most of the children today were younger and so cute, we only had one that started to cry…Erica tried to comfort him but he wanted nothing to do with fluoride! I (Amilyn) also got to shadow Nurse Rosaline and Dr. Fritz today at the medical clinic which was very interesting! Greg, Thomas, and Jayden continued assembling bunk beds over at the children’s village while Aaron started building stairs and drawers for the bunk beds. There are only 3 more beds to assemble, our guys have been working hard! Bill went to Port Au Prince for more supplies and also found Clare’s missing suitcase at the airport. We are all excited about this as her suitcase contains snacks!

This afternoon our group had the opportunity to go on a “community walk.” We broke into 3 groups and each group had a translator with them. We went into the community of Grand Goave and into people’s homes to share our stories of Jesus with them and pray for them and their families. What an amazing opportunity and experience! We were warmly welcomed by families and were amazed at the prayer requests…lots of health concerns and prayer for the country. It was also eye opening to look around the community and see all the garbage, animals, and people’s living conditions.


We had a delicious turkey dinner for supper and are continually amazed by the hospitality of the Haitians. We are wrapping up our day on the roof top again tonight…sharing highlights of the day and praying together, a beautiful way to end the day. Please continue to pray for us, that God will continue to keep us safe and healthy!




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