Thursday, January 21, 2016

Today we woke early and met on the roof top for devotions with Gisela.  We enjoyed some of Thomas’s hokey country music and laughed how our new Haitian friends are responding to it!  We enjoyed a breakfast of creamy oatmeal with bread and jam.  The bread is wonderful here!  The ladies also made us freshly squeezed juice! 

We hit the ground running this morning as we’ve found our stride and each person’s strengths.  We have seen over 2/3 of the 400 children.  Working with them on dental hygiene and giving them all fluoride treatments.  They are quite excited to come and see us as they light up with all the attention and a little take home brush.  They especially love Val’s creole version of “you wake up in the morning and it’s a quarter to 8 and you think you’re really late, you brush your teeth…a cheecheecheecheechee you brush your teeth….” While she danced around!

The guys transported all their pre-cut wood over to the south campus (Children’s Village) and started assembly.  It was quite a production moving the wood as these beds will withstand any natural disaster.  Aaron has done quite a good job at leading this carpentry project.  Tomorrow they will start to varnish them!  We will also look at assembling the other furniture and getting appliances into place in the houses. 

Now everyone is arriving back to shower and head off to church.  We all can not believe we have only been here three days as it feels like so much longer…in a good way.  We feel comfortable and at home.  We are well received and have very gracious hosts. 

Pray we will be able to head out into the community as I know it would be such a rewarding experience.  Understanding this country is complicated and exposure to as much of it helps us with processing all we have encountered. 

We pray you are all well and look forward to sharing our stories in more detail. 

In service to Christ,

Rhea Lynne