Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Dear Friends,

It’s 2:15pm here and I thank God for another amazing opportunity in Haiti.  We are living in a beautiful compound in wonderfully comfortable living quarters. 

The main cook has coffee ready by 6am and we from Trinity gathered on the roof for devotions which were led by Rhea Lynne this am.  The story of the Last Supper from Luke’s gospel.  Blue skies above and a canopy of trees below us and roosters are crowing.

Haiti Arise is large!!  All their employees are Haitian.  We have a huge garden and orchard trees of mango, banana, and papaya.  After breakfast, Leta along with the fellows headed to the carpenter’s shop where they started cutting the wood for the 16 bunk beds, with storage drawers for the Children’s Village…which is another beautiful parcel of land about 10 min. walk from here.  A retired engineer, Roy is heading up a Haitian work crew who is working on the second story of the elementary school using Canadian specs. 

The girls started the fluoride clinic this morning.  We have the dental room in the medical clinic as our base and this is located in the compound next to the temporary school.  The school has one cinderblock wall and shoulder high dividers between the classrooms.  The children are all in uniforms, about 400, from preschool to grade 6 and they are so beautiful!  The teachers are also dressed professionally.  When the teacher introduced us and our project, the students all stood up.  Val & Rhea Lynne taught the children how to brush their teeth with the help of a translator and charts. Erica, Amilyn, Jacquie, & Gisela applied fluoride.  Miss Claire was an amazing help giving each of the children a pencil, sticker and read stamp on the hand when treatment was completed.  We saw about 100 children today, some with “pearly whites” and some in need of serious dental care.  Four cases of scabies were identified.  The Haitian people generally are beautiful!!  What a blessing to observe. Our people working, worshipping and interacting together, the huge gift of belonging to the body of Christ! Please continue to pray for us; health, safety, and especially for the country of Haiti which is experiencing civil unrest due to an election happening this Sunday. Bill was planning to go to Port Au Prince today but travel was not advised. The church service last night was also poorly attended because of safety. Last night our team gathered on the roof top for sharing and prayer under a clear sky, only the light of the moon with crickets chirping…unforgettable! Thank you for your continued prayers and support!


P.S. We would have blogged sooner but our internet has not been working!  

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