45 degrees Celsius and everyone is still in good spirits! It has been hot and humid for sure, but this trip has been excellent. Today, we finally finished a painting project that took us three days. It was a lot of hard work, and the paint fumes may have affected us, but it was so nice to complete the project. After having lunch, we set out with about 50 bibles and walked through the community of Grand Goave and shared the gospel. It was wonderful to share the gospel and pray with the local Haitians, and some of them haven’t even heard the gospel before. Walking around the community was heart breaking and encouraging all at once. It was difficult to see the poverty and destruction from the earthquake; but to see and hear their joy was so encouraging. The Haitians remain so joyful, even with the little material things they have. This goes to show that material things aren’t supposed to be the source of our joy.

More posts to come, stay tuned! 

Brittany Bovey