We awoke to yet another sweltering hot morning. I (Ryley) was reminded of the realness of it when the power went out to the air conditioner. There is truly no escape from it, but it isn’t as bad as some of us imagined. After breakfast which consisted of thick pancakes, we headed out for a short tour of the compound. Observing the inventory of the clinic was interesting, they stock plenty of medicine and we all were impressed. After that we proceeded to finish the rest of the painting we did the previous day!

After a fair bit of painting Brandon and Ryley started to clean out one of the small rooms that contained miscellaneous items. As Ryley rolled out a pressure washer a rat (which I thought was massive for a mouse – 6” long) ran out from under it. Everyone either freaked out or proceeded to chase it. We didn’t know Jon could move as fast as he did when he engaged in hot pursuit of it. After we all decided the rat was still in the room, Matthew, Brandon and Ryley finished cautiously cleaning out the room disappointed we didn’t find the rat. I (Ryley) quite enjoyed freaking out some of the girls and Matt with the idea that the rat was on them, until Maddie slapped me with a wet paint brush. I must say, I probably deserved it!

Right after this Brandon and Ryley decided to help Nicole kill this big and ridiculously fast-moving spider in the woman’s bathroom. Mistake. Jon ended up getting it, but it was pretty freaky. Nicole slammed into Ryley when the spider reappeared for the first time, which terrified Ryley more than the spider did.

After lunch and a quick time of rest and reading, we headed out to a church league soccer game. While we were all intently watching the soccer game – amazed by their skill – a little girl with colorful beads in her hair walked up and hugged Matt’s leg and grabbed his hand. While still holding his hand, she started tapping him and they proceeded to play tag with a few of us. She was fascinated with the water coming out of the hose of Matthew’s hydration pack, and she didn’t understand when it was all gone. She seemed really interested in everything we were doing – just being present at the soccer game and playing with her. Even though we couldn’t really communicate with each other it didn’t affect our little relationship at all. It reminded us of the love of God and the joy in his people. No matter who you are or where you come from, everyone understands and shares joy in God’s love.

Thanks for the prayer and support.

Ryley and Matthew