Hello! We arrived safely in Haiti at 8:15am on July 6th; sleep deprived, but safe. From the airport, we had to take a two hour bus ride through the city of Port-Au-Prince, which was a one-of-a-kind experience. There are very little rules in traffic, and it takes a very skilled driver to maneuver through the pedestrians and various animals. After the bus ride, we arrived at the compound in Grand Goave for lunch, and a much needed nap. We then toured within the compound, and stopped to watch an inter-church soccer practice. It’s safe to say that there is no way we could win in a game against the Haitians. When we arrived back from our tour, a thunderstorm began to brew. We made our way to the roof, and began to dance and cool off in the rain. We weren’t the only ones dancing though- the Haitians cheered and danced because of the much needed rain. Their grateful cheering was such a beautiful noise, and it was a blessing to hear them celebrate. More posts to come- stay tuned. 

The girls, (Elyse Brittany and Madison)

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