Today was yet another warm day with a fairly early start. We began day one of VBS today, and it kicked off with a bang. The excitement for us all started to build when we saw kids begin to run past us towards the church. It kicked off with some sing-alongs, both in English (directed by the girls) and Kreyol (led by the Haitian leaders). The awkwardness for some of us reached its peak as a few of the boys were called up front to play along in a game/song that the kids quite enjoyed.

The games and snacks were a blast; the kids were awesome to work with. They quite enjoyed our presence, and by the looks of things had a blast playing some of the games with us. Lots of stories to tell, that’s for sure.

Early afternoon we had possibly our last soccer match. The teams were divided with Canadians and Haitians together. As the game progressed, the competitiveness of the Haitians became apparent as they ran harder, kicked faster, and their true aggression came out. It is something you can only truly understand seeing with your own eyes.

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing and discussing the trip together, as a few of us struggled with some slight health issues and felt the effects of weariness. It has been a busy and encouraging week, with many events packed into it.

Hopefully the last day and second day of VBS goes as well as the rest of the trip. We appreciate your prayer and support.

Team + Ryley