The thunder is rolling, and has been for well over an hour as I write this…rain is desperately needed, but there doesn’t seem to even have been a drop fallen yet.  The mango trees seem to flourish in this drought, but the corn and other crops are looking very desperate. We went to the market in Grande Goave today with our translator Johnny and our friends Kenny and Kiki.  It was crowded and loud, but amazing to see that everything was available – from live chickens to soap to fresh fruit.  Outside the market is where the river flows, when it rains, but now it is basically a parking lot for donkeys.  Some of the merchants come down from the mountains to sell their goods and park their transportation in the riverbed for the day.  One of the merchants we visited was the baker – it is where the bread we are eating is made.  It was quite the experience to try working the two man dough roller.  We would never make it as bakers here and certainly don’t have the stamina to do that all day.

On our way back from the market we stopped by a concrete pour – our translator Johnny’s friend’s house. They were having the roof poured.  We (the men) offered to help.  It was like a work bee I have never witnessed before.  The concrete is mixed in concrete mixer with one man adding bucket after bucket of sand, gravel and cement.  Other men are carting the buckets over to him.  More men are lifting by hand in an assembly line, up the ladder, the mixed concrete to another group of men pouring and finishing it on the roof.  It was a sight to witness.  A strong sense of community as all these men worked together. Our men helped for roughly an hour, however the other men had been there since early morning and worked continuously in the 40 degree heat.  The best part of this was that in Haiti, people usually do not get married until the man has a house.  Completing this roof for this man today will now allow him to get married.  What a blessing that this was able to happen for him!

This afternoon brought a trip to the beach with Kenny and Kiki.  The walk there took us around the community and to the beach.  We are fortunate to be in the 20% of Haiti that is forested.  It is fairly mountainous and quite lush with trees.   The ocean was a very welcome experience and it was an extremely refreshing time for all. The best part was that it was the first time Matthew had ever been in the ocean and it was great that we all go to experience it with him. This evening Chris is going over his sermon for tomorrow and the kids are practicing their skits for the VBS we are having Monday andTuesday.  All the children we see are so beautiful and their whole faces light up when they smile.  We are very thankful that God is providing the opportunity for us to share His word and love on these kids in the next few days.  Thank you all for your continued prayers and we hope everything is going well back home!

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