Today we started the day with a prayer and worship meeting, followed by lunch and a soccer game with our friends Kenny and Kiki. It was great to get outside and play competitively while still joking and having fun as a group.  Although we tried, there was no amount of effort on our part that could compete with the skill of our Haitian friends. Later in the day we gathered up our backpacks full of bibles and headed out into the community to share the gospel with the Haitian people.  

After our adventure out of the compound yesterday we expected God to do great things in the people we met.  We were amazed with the value that was placed on the bibles we handed out.  When we would start a conversation with someone a crowd would form around us to hear and receive the bibles.  Each person accepted a bible with a smile and immense gratitude. We came to a group of Haitian men sitting beneath a tree just talking amongst each other and although they seemed to be guarded and rough around the edges Pastor Chris eventually was able to break through their walls and we were able to pray with them and give each of them a bible to read.  After few stops our bibles were gone, but we still continued to go to every house and pray with the people.  These outings have not only affected the Haitians and the community but the lives and the outlook of the team as well.