Bonswa Family and Friends,

Alo from Robin. I am finding it hard to wrap my brain around the fact that we are just days away from returning home. Wasn’t it only yesterday we were at the airport anticipating the adventure, and what an adventure it has been. I have been so grateful to be so welcomed here again. So much warmth, love and affection from the ladies in the kitchen. Louisina has been a delight!! She was so pleased when I hugged and kissed her for you Gord. She loves you back!

I find it remarkable the memories so many have - for so many things that have been part of past trip experiences, not just for myself but also with our friends from Martensville. I’ve been blessed with reconnecting to children who remember our teaching time from my first trip here with Gord and the Cranbrook friends. God is good. His words are powerful and never come back void.

Kevin, yes I’ve said hello, Wendy a warm smile with your greetings from Canada. Sorry John, no water yet. Christine you’ve been asked about a few times and remarkably there are a few who remembered me even without introduction - madam Gord. PS - hi from our Haitian son.

Enough of the greetings and into the trip…we are so blessed to have had such an amazing team. We have become fast friends in such remarkable ways. You would be so proud of your family and friends. Their honest hearts and openness to new experiences. 

If you were to ask me if there were any amazing moments on the trip just a few days ago, I would have said not just one or two but at least twelve so far. But now I cannot count them, as there are so many I have not been able to get them down in my journal as they keep happening. 

Each new activity we have moved into has brought us a new understanding of how God moves in Haitian hearts and in our hearts. He has taken us into the street to pray…literally to be asked to pray as we walked by some people selling their wares on the street while we were on our way to pray at another home.

God has motivated prayer warriors to dig in deep, budding evangelists to speak, reserved children of God to touch shoulders and hold hands to smile with our whole hearts and not just with our mouths, to read Scripture on the spot. To step out. This time has been so completely amazing. 

We had a blast with the gals at Bible Study from the teen ladies right tall the way up. As we waiting patiently for our friends to arrive we smiled and said hello, maybe added our names…and we waited. So when most of us were there it was time to introduce the fifty of us. Eight from Canada and all the others local. Well my Haitian counterpart at the study had us do a intro game so we would break the ice and know each other. We were to say our name and walk into the centre of the group and do an action. Laugh and laugh we did. Some of the ladies have a fabulous sense of humour and strut their stuff. Mine was enough to cause a smile as I did kinda of a funky chicken - since I am a bird.

I have sensed, no it is more than that, I have had a renewal and a return to life. Thank you all for your prayers and support sending me out, praying me through and reminding me our God is so much bigger than our struggles and that He does supply all our needs. 

God has granted many remarkable events that will shape me well into the future. This has been a gift and a pleasure to dig in and hear from God in immediate and prepping for the future ways. 

I am grateful for the gifts He has blessed this team with from easy going team members to spontaneity between leadership, we have had a fabulous, challenging, joyful, heart breaking, awe inspiring, belly laughter, God surrendering time. 

Much love to all of you…ps.we’re all staying in Haiti.

No seriously, if you haven’t come down here yet. Come hear our hearts on the 17th to hear about the trip and ask us about how we have been changed by God. He has used the people here in Grand Goave to bless us and teach us.  God is good - All the time.


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