My time in Haiti so far has been amazing! I can’t even describe how blessed I feel to be a part of this wonderful team and to be able to see God in so many different ways.  

Today (Saturday) was incredibly relaxing. In the morning we went to the market, and in the afternoon we went to the beach.  You literally had to walk in a single-file line when trying to navigate through the market because there’s so many people.  A few team members purchased items at the market (Byron’s family beware - he bought 7 bottles of hot sauce!) but for the most part, we were observing the Haitian culture.  The beach was amazing; the water was the perfect temperature.  Along the shore of the beach was the little tourist market and I think everyone on the team bought some sort of knick-knack to take home. 

While being in Haiti, I have really been able to form strong relationships with some of the children that attend the Haiti Arise school.

Nooja in particular, has really touched my heart in ways that I didn’t think were possible.  She is a very intelligent girl and speaks a bit of English, a bit of French, and a lot of Creole so somehow we are able to communicate quite well.

Thursday night, the team attended a prayer time at which I got quite emotional. At one point I had to step outside of the church to gather myself and Nooja followed me. We had a short but beautifully intimate conversation that ended with both of us in even more tears and lots of hugs.  She has been able to give me a glimpse as to what heaven will be like, and the friendship we have formed we will both treasure forever.  Today as we were walking to the market, we passed through a small rural village that Nooja happened to live in!  It totally broke my heart to see the conditions that this girl has to live in each day. I never would have thought that God would use a little girl to teach me thankfulness and compassion but He totally has! 

I love you all - shout out to my family xoxo 

Thank you for all your prayers. 

PS: this evening a bunch of clouds rolled in for the first time during this trip.  Rain?!  We shall soon find out. God Bless. 



My time in Haiti has been awesome.  The Haitian people are so warm and welcoming.  All the team leaders with us and at Haiti Arise have been amazing and so supportive.  I love getting up in the morning to the sounds of roosters and cows.  Who’d of thunk.  Yes, it is warm beyond belief, but that is so minor compared to the blessings we receive each day.  It has been wonderful getting to know the members of our team better.  We have had lots of laughs and lots of tears.

The work has been fun and a great change from what I am used to.  I did some varnishing of the wood at the clinic and moving and storage into a huge metal container.  I have been open to anything that comes my way.  Every member is doing their share of anything that needs doing.  Very little whining or complaining from any one. 

Today is Sunday and we just finished a 3 hour service at church.  Some members from the mountains walked 3-5 hours to get here for service.  At home we complain about a 15 minute drive.  Crazy.  Lots of singing, clapping and smiles all around.  Luke and Jess did their thing up there with no hesitation.  Mark and Byron were an awesome tag team for the service.  So much passion.  It was communion Sunday and here they serve real wine.  Wow!  When Mark called people up to the front for prayer one brave girl started the procession and they just kept coming  and coming.  Probably 12-16 up there.  It was beautiful to see.  I sat beside two young girls, aged 17 and 18.  They were very curious about me.  What do I do back home for work?  Do I have any children? etc..etc…  When I told them I had no children, the youngest Christina said I could be her mother!  So sweet and beautiful to my ears.  I told them I was glad they loved Jesus. 

The market was awesome!  The beach was even better.  All I can say is wow!. 

I will have so much to share with my friends when I get home.  I just can’t mention that much in one short blog. 

I miss and love you all.  That you to those that helped make this happen for me.  Thanks for your encouragement and support.  I couldn’t have done any of this without you and God. 

love, Shoshana