What an amazing experience, words can’t explain how blessed I am to be here in Haiti.  It has been a crazy journey, from the warm weather to the lack of sleep, but God has been faithful. 

We have been doing different projects, but one of the projects that I have been doing is painting - getting pretty good at it.  Church is also amazing, I was so blessed to see how they worship God and the love they have for him.  It touched my heart. 

The kids are amazing.  They have a school here at the compound, and during their lunch break a couple of us just go and play with them.  It is such a joy to see the happiness in their faces when they see us.  Everyone is friendly here, and have been giving us such a nice hospitality specially the ladies in the kitchen, the food they prepare for us is so delicious. 

I can’t wait to see what God has for us for the remaining of the trip.  Thanks for your prayers.  Keep praying for us so that God will give us strength that we need for the remaining of our trip.

Love to all my family and friends.



Hi… The Incredible Dennis Bailey here,

We are surviving under extremely duress conditions, with 95 degree weather, with light humidity with toils that are extreme and difficult.  

All kidding aside, the Lord is blessing and drawing us closer together to himself to become the conduit of Christ’s Spirit in ways that we could ever expect or anticipate.

It has taken over our feelings for each other and our wordless communication to see others’ needs and meet them as we can.  The habitual North American work-work-work mentality is hard to break, but we’re trying to become the Haitians we need to be.  

It has been a breath of fresh air to experience God’s working here and a blessing to our souls.  

As a mechanic, I have an overwhelming amount of work to do.  But God will prevail. 

Much love to you all.