Hey Link team back home!  Today was another great day, we got lots of work done and spent lots of time interacting with the community.  Chad, Duane, Dave, Nathan Amy and Lacey spent the day at Tapion.  We got all the materials we needed up the hill no problem and other than a few big rocks and one massive one that we still have to deal with the ground was easier to level than we expected.  We hired some local guys to help us with ground prep, and it was great to sweat and work together with them.  All the forming is done, just have rebar to do tomorrow and then pour concrete soon as we can - hopefully saturday so that the kids can have a service there sunday morning (Roy says we will be able to walk on it 2 hours after we pour, unless it snows then it will take longer haha).  Tania and Delynne worked on the sponsorship updates and there are still lots of kids to see, pray that all the kids make it here before we leave.  

This evening we went to a prayer service at church that all of us were really moved by, it was very intense and we couldnt understand what they were saying but the passion and desperation in the peoples voices was very humbling and powerful.  The one phrase that I did understand and heard countless times was "merci Jezi" (thankyou Jesus), they are SO humble and thankful for what they have.  Their faith is so beautiful and simple.

Thank you all for your prayers, please pray that we can continue serving with our Haitian brothers and sisters being the church.