Bonswa from Haiti Arise!

Brad and I have spent the past four days doing so many exciting things!  Brad: Painting at the childrens village and working on the roof of the medical center. Grace: helping to sort the donated supplies, working with the Link team on Child Sponsorship and painting.  

Our most awesome experience happened today!  We got to meet the child we sponsor through the Haiti Arise Sponsorship Program, little four year old Germaina! It was such a pleasure to meet her and her father, to watch her play in the playground, and to see her head off to her class today!  When we were in church on Tuesday the pastor encouraged the congregation to memorize scripture - and added that if the people didn't know how to read then to send their children to school so that the kids could come home and read the Bible to their parents.  How great to know that Germaina will learn to read!

When we were sitting in church, worshiping together, in both Creole and English and it gave us a little glimpse of Heaven, where we will all worship our Saviour together.  We are blessed to be part of this 2015 team. Thank you for your prayers!

Brad and Grace