Hey everyone, firstly, if you are reading this, thank you so much for showing interest in what we are doing and please continue to pray for us as we work down here in Grand Goave. At our debrief this evening we all spoke about the amazing time that we are having down here and marvelled at how well our group has come together as a team. Workdays and evenings are sprinkled with pockets of laughter and many meaningful conversations. Of course, most of us at some point have struggled with missing family back home as well as family back home missing us and we would ask you to pray for strength and peace for those who are feeling the separation. 

Today was a good day, Tania, Lacey and Alex continued their work updating the information for sponsored kids here so that their sponsor families back home can get a glimpse of what has gone in in their lives since their last update. This is such important work as of course the sponsors are eager to hear how things are going, but also it is good to get a feel for how the kids are doing and give them a few school supplies that in most cases would be completely unnafordable. Delynne and our adopted Linker, Erica, worked again with Barry (a mid-term missionary from Marc and Lisa's hometown) fixing the flower beds around the medical clinic. This is difficult, sweaty work in the sun battling fire ants but Delynne and Erica have done it with a smile and made some significant progress. The rest of the team (Steve, Duane, Amie, Nathan, Alana, Dave and Chad) worked a second day painting the mechanical shop and almost got all the finished wall color on. It was a good, productive day and has set us up for a big day tomorrow.

But before I get to tomorrow, I should mention the opportunity we had late afternoon to walk through a couple of close-by neighbourhoods to greet a few neighbours and say a few prayers based on their requests. It is amazing to hear a Haitian mom of three kids living in a house with tarps for walls, when asked what she would like prayer for, answer that she would ask that we pray for strength for her to raise her children to be good people who would have opportunities. She really could ask for food, a better house, or any number of materialistic things but her primary concern is one that anyone, no matter where we live, would have for their own kids. Really, we can identify so much with our Haitian brothers and sisters, even though it may not appear to be that way on the surface, which is why taking a walk, and getting to know the neighbours is such an important part of what we do here.

On to tomorrow... we plan to start prepping the Tapion church floor for concrete. First, what is the Tapion church? Haiti Arise planted the Tapion church 8 or 9 years ago and started out as a church for the Tapion community. After a year or two, most of the adults stopped going but the kids kept attending and now Tapion is primarily known as a children's church. The church is a pretty primitive open air structure and the floor is dirt. By pouring a concrete floor we hope to give them a more durable place of worship and also make it so that the pews actually sit level. It's going to be hard work as Tapion is situated on a hill side and part of the prep is going to invlove breaking out rock with picks and shovels... in 35 degree weather... on a hillside innaccessible to heavy equipment. Everything we need to pour the floor is going to get there on the back of one of us or one of the Haitian workers, concrete, sand, forms, etc. It is going to be hard work, but it is going to be lots of fun. Hopefully we can get it done and then get some pictures of the finished product up on the blog for you all to see.

Anyways, I've rambled on long enough and run out of time, so good night from Haiti.

God Bless,


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