Another sunny day spent on the tropical island we like to call Haiti... best things about it: fresh mangos, cute kids, plus 33 degree weather and NO SNOW! Today our little group spilt into two, the men of the group (minus Alex) went down the street to finish up the painting we did yesterday at the childrens village. The other half of us stayed within the compound painting the welding shop of the technical school. We spent our time painting trying to avoid large spiders, posts falling on our heads and rocking out to some good old footloose songs! around three in the afternoon we headed over to the church to prepare for our worship session with the youth. Josh quickly distracted by a gecko but it bit him and he went back to drumming away. Supper was fantastic as always, potatoe casserole and sardines.... lets just say mackenzie and I stuck with the casserole. After supper Pastor Wade invited us for a walk around the area visiting some of the people who work within the haiti arise ministries. Mackenzie gained a little friend by the name of Austin, Lisa and Mark's youngest child. Our time during the walk was spent trying to get him to smile or talk even once, the results: the word puppy and a pee covered Mackenzie! What a lucky girl haha!:p

love and miss you all back home! Have fun snowblowing!! 

-Haley and Mackenzie!