Today has been a great day.  Kalen and I finally set foot in Haiti and arrived in time for lunch with no further delays or issues!  Meanwhile, back on the ranch....the rest of the team got the full tour of Haiti ARISE and all the ministries they are doing here.  For those of us who have been here on previous teams it was exciting to see all the changes and how projects are moving forward.  The goat farm is really exciting to see--so much growth.  And Roy and his crew are well underway with pouring the foundation and floor for the permanent school in the Children's Village.  Brad shared how great it was to finally see in person all the places that we have been hearing about at church.  After a great lunch, we split up into work crews.  A few of us stayed at the guest house and helped inventory the supplies both teams brought in, and helped Tania from Medicine Hat with her Child sponsorship tasks.  The rest of us headed over to the Children's Village and did some painting, sanding and varnishing at the first duplex.  It was great to dig in and get to work, contributing to the exciting things already underway here.  The exclamation point on our day was church.  Words can't describe how it feels to be surrounded by the voices and prayers of these dear people.  So beautiful and moving!!!

Please keep us in your prayers as we plan a youth event for the weekend.  We met with the youth after church and we are excited about their response.  Already have over 50 committed to attend.  We will have a worship/encouragement service Friday afternoon, followed by a soccer scrimmage before supper.  Saturday we will meet at the beach for casual time building friendships and share a meal. Pray that each of us is able to make a meaningful connection with someone during this time, as we are not just here to check tasks off the work list, we are here to encourage one another.  Pray that we will be open and vulnerable to share at the service as well, as that can be a really scary thing to do.  Oh, and we need to come up with a skit or something so really pray for that or Brent and I might have to do an interpretive dance duet or something equally horrible. (we don't want to scar the children for life)

So there it is, as a team we are whole, and excited about the days ahead. It has started to rain outside and that means a cooler breeze...YAY!!!!! Heard it's snowing back home.  Too bad for you! (We'll try to bring some sun home with us.)


PS:  Love you and miss you Asha.  Take good care of Daddy for me! Favorite Big Girl!!!