Today we woke up to the sun shining, luscious green trees and pesky  First we went for a walk to get a better picture of Mark and Lisa's vision of what they wanted to do in Haiti.  Remarkable!!! I'm blessed to be a small part doing Gods will in this country.

We painted part of the text school along with painting each other :)  Duanes color is defiantly  Some of the other team members worked on the gardens, sponsorship, and Tapion church.  We ate some supper and lots of far no concussion from the mangos falling off the trees...yet that is.

We conclude our evening with church service, what a amazing experience to watch others worship.  God is Great!!! Perfect ending to a hot sticky day, not sure what's stickier our sweat or the mango juice from us trying to eat mangos like the Haitian people. HA HA we are funny tonight.  Perhaps its all the skittles and nibbs we are eating.  Nothing better than sugar for a bedtime snack.

We must bid you all a goodnight so we can beat Steve at cards :)

Alana & Amie