Dave and Alex 

As we were preparing to leave for the mission Alex's school offered to raise money to purchase goats and chickens for Haiti families.  The school raised $477.00 and increased awareness amongst students of the level of need in Haiti.  The next day Alex received a $100.00 bill with a note attached.  The note read "Please use this money to buy a Haiti family a goat.  Thank you and God bless.  Romans 15:5-6"  The donation was made anonymously.  As we shared stories amongst the team it became apparent that we have many similar stories of generosity from our community.  As a Team we would like to express our gratitude to everyone who has contributed through prayer and donations.

After a long trip we finally arrived in Port-au-Prince and on exiting the airport we found ourselves immersed in an unfamiliar culture.  The area around the airport was congested with heavy traffic and is densely populated.  It was evident that we were a visible minority.  

The drive to Haiti Arise took a couple hours, weaving in and out of what seemed to be impassable spaces and what seemed to be near miss after near miss.  As we slowed down a pedestrian hopped on the bumper of the vehicle we were in to catch a ride for several blocks.  Motorcycles with many bags of cement balanced on the back, several with 3 riders, and carrying all sorts of goods were a common sight.

We were warmly greated at the Haiti Arise compound and now after a day of familiarization and introductions the Team is getting ready for some rest.

Team members will post updates daily.

God Bless