Good Morning Y’all! 

Yesterday was a wild day! Russ and I (Luke), got asked to build a desk for the tool shed here.  I’ve only built a coffee table in recent years and Russ is eager to learn.  Needless to say, its been quite a gong show over in the shop!  We’ve learned the hard way the importance of “measure twice, cut once”.  

While we were fumbling our way through this desk project, two Haitian men came in and started working their own project.  We played a little dance with them as we swapped back and forth using the tools.  What amazing genuine guys.  Their names are Wisnan and Shelsha (Or something close to that.. going to try and lock that in today!)  Wisnan is 34 with two boys, an 8 and a 9 year old.  Russ and I tried our best to communicate with them, they were very patient with us and told us how to say certain words in Creole. 

After building some relationship with these two men, they started helping us with our desk project and their skill level blew ours out of the water!  It was such an awesome day.  One thing that I’ve noticed is the pace here.  It’s so much slower.  Mainly because of the heat wave (38c or 100f with crazy humidity).  You can’t push yourself in this heat.  So this is our third day working on a desk that back home would be done in a day, but the relationships that we’ve built have been our main focus.


Jess here! 

Last night we went through the village near by.  It’s crazy seeing the area and the different types of living styles here.  There a few HUGE homes guarded by 10’ high stone walls with razor wire on top.  These are 3 story, 10 bedroom type homes right next to a cluster of families in tents or run down shed-type homes.  But there is a real sense of community in the village - lots of people walking around or sitting together and playing games. 

I have been carrying my camera everywhere but it’s not the best idea to take pictures in the town, so I have been learning to “shoot from the hip.”  Not all of the shots have worked out but I have been amazed at the ones that did!  Can’t wait to share those when I get home!  The Haiti people and especially the children are so beautiful!  You can see the joy in their eyes - they just light up!  It’s been hard for me to see these kids coming and going from school all on their own - even the pre school kids walk home either in the group or by themselves, depending on how long they hang around at the school after classes are out.  After we got back from our walk we did our debrief time on the roof. 

It’s always great to hear about how everyone's day went as we all encounter different situations and meet new people.  One of my highlights of the day was sitting in the kitchen and listening to the Haitian cooks sing with each other while they work - it is beautiful!  They work 12 hour days cooking for us, yet they are usually found laughing and singing together.  Love it! 

Please keep us in your prayers as we have 1 week left!  Lots of us are feeling the effects of the heat and haven’t been sleeping well!  We would also appreciate prayers as we head out into the village tomorrow to do ministry walks! 

Love to our families and friends and y’all back at SAC!  Love and miss you!


Jess & Luke

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