We woke to the sound of rain this morning, and found that it had rained over an inch.  It was our last day and our teams had different lists to get done.  Members of both team made a treck through the mud to see the Grand Goave Market.  The Market was not to packed as the early morning rain delayed a lot of the Market displayers. It was a site to see!!  It was humbling to realize that many Haitians survive off their proceeds from working in the market. All that went came away successful and we trecked back through the mud back to the compound.  From there the Weyburn team seperated from the Link team and headed for a last splash in the ocean.  We had fun and returned to the compound to rejoin the Link team for group photos.  We madly packed so we could get in a last game of cards, which has melded our two teams to the core. Everyone is off to bed, so we will blog next from our trip home.