My name is Fashionista. I wear shorts, a t-shirt, a scarf on my head, neon knee-high socks with sandals, a purple hoodie as a cape, sunglasses at night and I am a dancing champion. I come out every night around 9:30. I often take a nap or two during the day to conserve my energy. I eat a fruit roll-up every night to get my crazy on.

I know you are probably thinking this is Steve writing this post, but you are mistaken. It is I... Alex. AKA - Fashionista. Not to be mistaken for Mona Lisa... my other true identity. 

Ok, more about today I guess. I woke up the same as I do every day... very, very tired. Those early morning devotions on the roof are killer. The team went up to Tapion to finish the cement pour on the floor. What did I do? Well I stayed back and napped, of course! Delynne was busy getting the VBS stuff organized, and Tania, Lacey and Erica were doing more child sponsorship updates. I was making sure the loveseat in the main compound did not run away!

After the team finished at Tapion Church, it was VBS time and I somewhat came to life. During the songs, there was a little girl who was clapping the air, and when I saw this I went over and put my hands out so she could clap them instead. We made a connection and I didn't even speak her language! Then, Alana and I showed off our narration skills to the kids at the church. We told them the story about the four friends who lowered someone through the roof in order for Jesus to heal him. Then it was craft and game time! Woo hoo! The guys on the team were in charge of games. In Duck, Duck, Goose my dad got taken out by an eleven year-old girl! I was in the classroom helping with the craft and snack. It was hot and sweaty, but I still managed to be a fashionista even in those conditions!

Gotta go! The fruit roll-ups are calling my name! As I sleep, don't try and take my fruit roll-ups!

Fashionista out.

- Alex