Today was a great day for the Weyburn Team! We started off the day with a great devotional lead by Haley and a breakfast of oatmeal. Then we went off to Tapion with the Link crew to help them finish pouring the cement floor for the children's church. It went by so fast and there was no "labour unions" this time around. We made it back to the compound in time for lunch with a couple scrapes and bruises. Brad caught a bucket to the face as it got tossed down the empty bucket line. It cut open his nose and now he looks super tough with his black eye and aviators. We helped the Link Team lead their VBS after lunch and it was amazing to see all those smiling faces playing in the fields and doing crafts. This afternoon was our turn to go on community visitations, and we went around Grande Goave praying fo people and their families. We came back with some pretty interesting and heart-breaking stories. We prayed over a man who had witnessed a man die from being electricuted earlier today. He was completely traumatized and wasn't enjoying the company of other people. Today was a great day and we ask for prayer that tomorrow will be another as some of us go back to Tapion to put new tin on the roof of the church, and that we will all stay healthy for these remaining days. Bon Nwit from Haiti.