This morning, the air was fresh due to an inch and a half of rain overnight.  After a later start to the day, and a self-serve breakfast, we were off to church around 8AM.  Pastor Wade brought the message, interpreted by Pastor Marc.  It was great for us Weyburn folks to enjoy a message from our old friend and Pastor.  Pastor Wade even wore a long-sleeve shirt and tie for the occasion.  (We know how he loves to wear ties!!)  The worship was in a language we didn't understand but the enthusiasm made up for our inability to understand. They have shown us how to worship with passion and without inhibition.  We can learn a lot through sharing this experience with them.  

After lunch, we went to the ocean with Roy and the Link team.  It's great to mingle with a team we have had the privilege to work so closely with.  At the beach, we enjoyed the cool water, some trying out snorkeling for the first time.  (Some of those people getting wonderful sunburns on the backs of their legs).  The venders were bold and very nearby.  We were able to pick up a few souvenirs as well as enjoy eating crab and lobster freshly pulled from the ocean by young men using dugout canoes.  YUM!

After getting ourselves cleaned up and applying some aloe gel, we all went to the Goat and Coke, with Marc and Lisa. The goat was great and the pikliz (spicy coleslaw) and half litre glass-bottled Cokes were refreshing on a hot evening.  Wade and Marc behaved very badly, throwing bottle caps at each other (we did not participate in such shenanigans of course) but they let us stay to finish our meal.  The ride back home was much less chaotic than our original trip from the airport so the evening was very enjoyable.  

Tomorrow we are honorary Linkers.  Some of us will be jumping in to help them finish a concrete pour at Tapion Children's church.  This pour takes place on a rather steep hill and the concrete is passed by bucket for a distance longer than a football field. It is demanding work in intense heat. Pray that the local employees and team members can complete this task in good time and with no injuries or delays.  Then in the afternoon, we will help out with their VBS program as well as get our turn to do evangelism visitation in the community. Pray that all goes well with these great kids we will encounter and that each one feels loved.  

Time to go to bed!

Norm (and his secretary, Sheryl)