Today was a big day. We were able to work side by side with the Haitian people pouring a cement floor for the Tapion children's church. The morning, as all mornings here go, was off to a bit of a slow start as we needed to get a cement mixer, bags of cement and barrels of water to the site. This took about two and a half hours. Thankfully, the sand and the gravel were delivered to the site for us. After we had everything we needed, including the 35 Haitians that were hired for the day to help us out, things got started. Twelve buckets of cement flowed up and down the two human chain lines we had formed. The down line was more throwing the buckets from person to person about ten feet apart. Our Link ladies on the trip killed it, including Erica who joined us from Calgary. And only a handful of buckets were thrown down while the ladies weren't paying attention. But all was good with no major injuries.

The cement was flowing and we were moving right along until dissension crept up the line and murmurs of lunch began. Progress was halted as we negotiated and agreed to feed the gang lunch. Now with lunch came the agreement that the workers would stay until the job was done, instead of working at two, which is the norm when working on Saturday. So with those decisions made, it was back to work until twelve when the first slab was completed.

We started back up after lunch at a pace that blew any expectations we had away. We had a quick break in the middle of slab two when we bought the Haitian workers a pop and carried on... until two o'clock rolled around and progress was again halted about having to work past two. Now this dissension did not come from the entire group of Haitians, but just a couple of bad apples. I need to clarify that as the majority of the group was great and extremely hardworking, and would definitely outwork me any day of the week. After this delay, we figured that the pour probably would have been complete if we hadn't had so many disruptions. But we carried on and finally reached the goal for the day of having two out of three of the slabs poured. 

What a day! It was an absolutely amazing experience to work alongside the Haitian people, who like I said, are extremely hardworking. One Haitian woman, identical in stature to my wife (5 foot 10 and slim), outworked all the men. Absolutely incredible! 

Tonight we rest, overdosed on Aleve and Aspirin so that we can get out of bed tomorrow. I am looking forward to completing the project on Monday. Bonswa and good night!


- Duane

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