Today we started off the morning with devotions as a Weyburn group and then we had breakfast.  After Jenna, Alex, Brad, and Norm went up to Tapion (the children's church off the compound) with the Link team to pour a concrete floor while basically the rest of us (Sheryl, Grace, Brent, Kalen, Josh and Haley) stayed back to do odd jobs around the compound such as fix the slide in the school yard and make 120 peanut butter sandwiches... Mackenzie however had 5 naps in the morning haha (worked too hard she pooped herself out... literally diarrhea got the best of her hahahaha). Sheryl and Kalen also met their sponsor child in the morning and they got to hang out with her all day... Sheryl's smile literally lit up the whole place :) After lunch, all of the Weyburn team went to the beach day youth event except for Norm and Jenna (who went back to pour the concrete). We (Haley and Mack) got our hair corn rowed at the beach by a bunch of teenage girls and then ended off the day literally laughing out loud with Josh and Kalen... what a bunch of goof balls :p

Mack and Haley