Today the Weyburn team had a overall awesome day! We started the day off with Norm doing a great devotion and amazing breakfast of scrambled eggs, and once again amazing bread! Most of the team continued to paint the tech school shops, except for Norm and Brad who built bookshelves in the carpentry shop, and Brent who worked on fixing some electrical problems. We had a few Hatian boys and girls come and help us paint and to have some fun. 

We had an amazing meal for lunch consisting of a Mac and cheese casserole and freshly cut mangoes. Kalen and I had a fun afternoon of soccer with hatians and just plain old hanging out. At 3:00 we invited the youth which can consist of ages 13-30 to the Mahanaïm Church for the youth event that we hosted. It started out slow, with us trying to lead worship in English so they weren't very excited to be there. Thankfully though, the youth leader, Jhony, got them all hyped up starting with a dance contest between Sheryl and Alex and some talented Haitians. The white people were shown up by the Haitians because let's face it: we can't dance. Another fun icebreaker game was I had to get up and ask a girl questions that she had to answer "yes". This got everyone very excited, and the girl was forced to call me handsome:). 

After that we headed over to the children's village and had a fun game of soccer with some very talented Hatian men. Kalen played some keeper and I got a pretty long shift, and our team ended up winning 3-2. During the game Haley and Mackenzie were forcibly sat down and lots of the Haitian girls began to put cornrows in their hair. This was awesome to see because usually they don't engage with us, and we are usually working and don't get to talk to them much. 

Overall, we all had an amazing time and we are very thankful that God pushed Jhony to save us from our lame youth event! We are all very thankful to be here and are definitely loving all of the food! Prayers are welcome for the continuation of our youth event tomorrow and the cement pour for the Medicine Hat team. Bon Nuit from Haiti! 


Josh and Kalen