The Medicine Hat team had another very successful day in Haiti. This morning in our rooftop devotional we were talking about spiritual gifts and how important it is for us to recognize the ways in which God can use us. Today we were able to see people put their God-given skills and abilities to use!

Duane was able to put his knowledge from being an electrician into practice to help troubleshoot some issues that have been occurring with the generator on the main Haiti Arise compound. After being here for a couple of days now, we have all realized how different electricity is here in Haiti. I am positive Duane understands this better than anyone else after the long day he had! Nathan, Steve, Chad, Dave, Amie and Alana went up to Tapion again to get prepared for the pouring of the floor that will be happening tomorrow. They were able to work alongside the Haitians to lay rebar. The idea of being able to put practical skills (pick-axing, shoveling, jackhammering, shovelling, construction, entertaining the children onlookers) to use while building relationships with the people we encounter has been a huge highlight for the people on this crew. I know many of them have been impacted by the amazing work ethic of the Haitian people. What an encouragement for this crew to be able to be a part of that! And then add to that the fact that the work that is being completed is going to impact the children that attend Tapion church... it really doesn't get better than that! Delynne helped with some administration work in the clinic, and I am sure the systems Delynne was able to see today are quite different than she sees while working at the hospital back home! Tania, Alex and myself also encountered some interesting differences during another day of doing child sponorship updates. It has been amazing to see the heart my mom has for the Haitian students. And her Creole isn't too bad either! And Alex is a master at entertaining the students while they are waiting. She is getting in some great soccer practice here!

Today I was able to go and sit in on a grade five class at the Haiti Arise elementary school. It was so amazing to see how important learning is to the people here. This is also profoundly evident throughout the updates we are working on. The students have such a desire to learn and excel in school. They are so thankful to the people who sponsor them because without their help they wouldn't have the kinds of opportunities they have with the support they are given. 

We really appreciate your continued prayers for our team. Keep them coming! We will have another update for you tomorrow... hopefully with the good news that the Tapion church floor is coming along nicely!

- Lacey