working hard with our friends in nice hot weather sorry no tans or burned faces. We are making progress on the one house tiling and getting the power right, seems to be working. liny  the up and down river king has changed Steven seems to have taken over vernon puts on a good face. Bob is the new Queen of the island as he gets the queen alot not the ace or king but we play it every night we are  last people up on the island mr. w and mrs. m have been great hosts planing things for us to do  we visted a jail the other day and talked to them about Jesus would not want to be there as a cell may hold 12 people in it and is about 10 by 10        looking forward to get home ,we found ice cream rick did not share but bob and the rest crew did so they had a talk to rick about his sharing. the crew gets along even if heron tells them to redo something that does not meet the standard right Rick. all the guys say love you to their wifes,steven oh well is still looking as he has been listening to the consel of the 3 elders gene has been put in isloatation so he misses some of the consel but as we gather on the roof top we all pray together for each other as well as the people we are here to serve, thank you all for your prayers for each of us and your time that we have been away that you have not had any hardships. Mrs V  this is from  the team.                     

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