We've just come off of the roof from our evening debrief together with the Canadian Team and our hosts, Wade and Marilyn.  We find ourselves nearing the end of our time here and processing the meaning of all we've experienced and how it will impact our lives as we go home.  There are longings to live out lasting change as a result of what God has shown us and taught us. There are deep hopes and heartfelt prayers for the nation of Haiti and for our home nations. Having a team to ponder with and hosts and leaders to help in the process is meaningful.

We began today with a roar (Literally! Seriously!) as Ronda led us in a prophetic cry from the rooftops, declaring Jesus as King in Haiti.  After breakfast most of us walked backed to the Children's Village to work for the morning and then again in the early afternoon.  We're making good progress on the duplexes there!  Tyler was able to spend the morning working in the medical clinic which was an amazing experience and Amber spent the morning blessing the long-term missionaries with massages.

One of the sweetest experiences we get to have here is time out in the community, visiting homes and praying for the people.  This afternoon, three teams went out and all came back having experienced God's presence. What does a home visit in Grand Goave, Haiti look like?  Often it is something like this....Our interpretor, beautiful 16 year old, Nugka, leads us down a path carved out of tropical forrage.  The path is muddy and littered with trash.  In the midst of the trees, a grouping of homes appear.  One home consists of a few tarps fastened together to make walls and a ceiling, one is a small concrete structure, another is formed from a combination of corrugated metal, weaved stalks and scrap wood.  As we enter the neighborhood, all eyes are on the "blancs."  The children's big brown eyes watch intently, and sometimes we even get to exchange hugs, smiles and giggles as the little ones run to us.  The interpretor leads us to a home where she explains to the mama who we are and asks if we can pray for her and her family.  Almost always, the mama agrees and one person from the the team takes time to ask about this precious woman, her children and what we can pray for. Sometimes a testimony is shared.  Very often, someone in the family is sick or has some kind of medical issue.  The team has the priviledge of listening to God's heart for this family and praying for whatever needs there are.  Often a team member gets to share more about Jesus and the love He has for them. We leave them with a ziploc of gifts--baby clothes, hygiene items, etc.--items that are needed but might be hard to afford.  It's amazing how God comes and shows Himself during these brief encounters.  We come back thankful for the priviledge of being welcomed into these lives for a few minutes.  We also come back aware of how much more is needed and wishing our connection could be deeper.  We pray that this encounter will be one in a string that God uses to draw them into relationship with him.

These are the experiences filling our days.  We are in love with the Haitian people.  We're tired and some of us are sick so prayer for strength and health would be appreciated!  We look forward to soaking up our last two days here and then getting back home to all of you.  Thanks for praying for us.

With Love,