well, this is my fourth year in a row visiting haiti.... first time blogging. Today started off like no other days. On Friday we went on vistitation and met a lady that mygood friend Karen had met a couple weeks ago. She is an elderly lady that cant speak or walk because of a stroke that she had a few years back. during the visit with her we found ou that she isnt able to make it to church because no one wants to push her in the wheelchair all the wayto the church. i offered to come back sunday morning and wheel her down. up before six and then ready for the trek in the hot morning sun. Shanna came with me and Johnny and it was just a special moment to be able to see the sun come up and then see the smile of the lady when we arrived. When we got to the church we were actually early which is out of the norm for me lol.. we picked a seat and and another elderly lady came and sat right beside me as well. i have a real soft spot for the children of this country but this morning was all about the seniors of the community. A special kiss on the cheek, and a few hand squeezesmad the morning as special for me as i hope it did for them. To see the passion of the people as they worship in the outdoor church just blows me away. the two little old ladies sitting with me had their hands raised to heaven as they praised our God! 

After the morning adventures we played a game of baseball with the two teams and a few of the haitian kids. i love baseball so that was a great activity for a couple hours before we hit the beach. Thinking about the snow back home while we were laying in the sun wasnt a bad thing... a few more days of shorts and t-shirts. On the way back from the beach Johnny took us a different way than the norm and we encountered a whole lot of beautiful smiles and giggles from  some amazing haitian children. So i was able to encounter both ends of the age spectrum today and loved every second. this place actually feels like a home to me now after being here yr after yr. This year the trip didnt start with the same feelings inside as others but its all coming back now. We ended the day with the "goat and coke" as the tradition continues for sunday nights, and then the great game of up and down the river. Only three more days here.... i cant believe how fast it goes by. goodnight and God bless from the pearl of the carribean