As it has every morning that we've been here, our day began on the roof of the house that the teams and most of the long-term missionaries stay in.  Sara led a great devotional on serving and we were able to reflect on the joy of serving here and the meaningful service we are receiving from the Haitian staff and long-termers.  Those mornings of watching the sun rise, listening to "No Longer Slaves" looking over the Haiti Arise complex and beyond into Grand Goave, are precious times that are becoming precious memories.

The morning was spent working at the Children's Village duplexes.  It is so exciting to see them coming together!  With every tile laid and coat of (very fun and colorful) paint it becomes easier to envision Haitian kids running through the house becoming part of a family and finding themselves in Jesus.  Seeing Keith and Andrea doing what God has called them to and getting to be a part of it makes it even better.

This afternoon our teams headed out in small groups into the Grand Goave community.  Trying to capture all that those two hours held would be impossible. Beautiful people, living with so little, some who've found inexpressible hope and some who desperately need it.  As we sat with the Bethel team tonight and shared our experiences, I was humbled by the Father's willingness to use these Americans and Canadians with such limited understanding of Haitian culture and language.  He allowed us to carry light into a community of beautiful people today.  What a gift!

Treasured, profound, and fun moments abound....playing in the playground with the school kids, a talk with a translator, holding hands in prayer with a Haitian sister and sensing the priviledge of connecting with another part of the body of Christ, Clay and Kayla getting to sponsor Many Anderson (if you don't know the back story, ask them when we get home!).  We all know that we're being challenged and changed but often fail to find words to describe it.  We are thankful.

We love you all and miss you.  Thank you so much for praying for us and for holding down the fort (and particularly holding my family together!) while we're away.  We're sending hugs as we head to bed. 


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