Today was a another beautiful day in Haiti awakening to another beautiful sunrise even though it may be earlier than I would like. Once again our day was started with prayer and devotion on the roof top followed by some yummy porridge, and then off to work. Cam and Kim were still waiting for screws to build shelves fir the tool room, so made some new picture frames for some paintings in the house with wearing edges and Marilynn had fun stapling the canvas prints to the new frames. Back at the children's village more painting and tiling took place, everybody was working so hard in the heat and just dripping with sweat by the middle of the afternoon. However today seemed much more productive than yesterday as we all had a better idea of what needed to be done and having the available materials to get it done. The duplexes are looking so nice in their bright new colors. 

This evening we had the pleasure once again of joining the Haitians for church which was a night of prayer. It was very interesting to see the passion of the Haitian people in there prayer for there country. Even though we where not able to understand most of the words spoken the heart break of the people for their country and the love for their God was undeniable. We are so thankful for all your prayers and for Gods provisions and safety for us thus far. We are all off to bed as everyone is very tired tonight as they should be from working so hard. Tomorrow we will start again.