A Beautiful Aerial View of The Pearl of the Carribean(Haiti)

The team waiting with Kerbey at the airport

Rhonda and Amber painting one of the children's village duplexes

Ellie and Aida playing with the school kids

School Children walking with Tyler and Clay after school

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 As we are coming to a close on day four at Haiti Arise, it is still somewhat surreal being in this enviroment. For many of us, it is our first time here, and a lot of this trip has so far left us somewhat speechless as we are in awe of what God is doing here! From the unique and jaw dropping experience of driving through Port Au Prince, to working on painting and tiling at the Children's Village, one thing is undeniable: God is at work and showing himself in the midst of very evident darkness.

Following our “Day at The Airport” we were able to spend most of Tuesday really getting familiar with everything here at Haiti Arise, where we were also able to hear the amazing vision of the Children’s Village by Keith and Andrea. It was so amazing to see and hear what all Haiti Arise has done and is doing in the community of Grand Goave, and to hear the amazing things to come here at the main campus and in the children’s village. We finished the day with Bible study at the church.

Wednesday we were off to work. We teamed up with the amazing team from Bethel Church from Three Hills Canada and headed for the Children’s Village to do some tiling, grouting and painting. Everyone worked hard and we got a lot accomplished. 

Today (Thursday) we continued the work at the children’s village in the morning, and were able to take an amazing walk through the community this afternoon. We also were able to walk all the way to the ocean and get some great pictures (to be posted soon!) We finished off the day with an amazing time of prayer and worship at the church. Being a part of Haitian worship was definitely a highlight, they are very passionate in worship and prayer and it was very powerful to be a part of!

Our time here has been very sweet and we are very excited about being able to get into the communty to pray for people tommorow, we are praying and expecting for God to move in amazing ways and are excited to share testimonies.