How does one describe all the various sounds, smells and views of Haiti.  The best way is to invite you to come here to Haiti Arise and see, hear and smell for yourself.  

Today was a work day.  After devotions and breakfast we were all assigned to various tasks either on the main compound or at the Children's Village.  Several of us stayed here to sort the many tools that have been brought by teams to be used at the technical school and for building and maintenance at Haiti Arise.  We, Elroy, Shanna and Marilyn, sorted and counted numerous saws, hammers, levels, welding masks, goggles, earplugs, wrenches, screwdrivers, etc. Even though we counted in the garage it was hot and muggy.  I learned how important it was to drink plenty of water. And I now understand why Haitian are not in a hurry!

Haiti Arise has 7 acres of land where they are building a children's village that will house a church, an elementary, middle school and high school, and some duplexes and four plexes.  The homes will house a family unit made up of an "adoptive" Mom and Dad and 8 to 10 orphaned children.  Currently there are 2 duplexes built on the property.  One is at the finishing stage and the other still needs windows, tiles, cupboards.  Bruce and several women from the other team painted some vibrant colors on outer walls, Aaron did tiling.

Kim and Cam started to build shelves, for all the tools, but ran out of supplies so they made a run to the market to pick up personal hygiene supplies for the Haitians. 

I used to enjoy the sound of a rooster crowing but when it consistently happens at 5 am every morning......As we were having our evening debrief you could hear the sounds of crickets, cows, donkeys, dogs, Mardi Gras music and people laughing and singing.  Quite a cacophony of noise.  But along with that were the sweet prayers of praise and thanksgiving to our wonderful God.  

Although I was rather apprehensive of this trip I am so glad that I was encouraged to come (Thanks! Karen). Somehow I don't think this will be my last time here.