The Hope Church team left the Miami International Arirport Monday morning at 7am reflecting on Exodus chapter 14 and 15.  God has called us to this very moment and time as a part of his perfect plan.  He has guided us to this very place with the angel of God and a piller of cloud.  Now as they move behind us he is asking us to step out, to move forward in faith. We are leaving beind all of our enemies and anything that would enslave us.  Little did we know later that day we would see first hand that God would come to our rescue and provide a way.

Exodus 14: 13 "Do not be afraid just stand still and watch the Lord rescue you today."

Our team of nine excitedly landed in Port-au-prince, Haiti at 9:09am.  After successfully navigating the airport immigation and customs process we gathered our luggage and exited the airport looking for a Haiti Arise staff member.  Instead I (Kayla) was immediatly handed a phone with pastor Mark Honorat on the other line letting me know our transportation was stuck in a traffic baracade due to the recent riots in Haiti.  We were told we would need to wait at the airport.  Haiti Arise had sent Kerbey, Ivon and Price to wait with us and guard us during the wait.  And wait we did, we waited at the airport and had a wonderful time bonding as a team in the parking lot.  Potty breaks, Nona's cookies, prayer and a book Chad Lorce recommeded, "201 Questions" got us through the day.  6 hours in the Parking lot.

But the real story is we saw God at work.  Just as we had started our day refecting on Exodus 14 and 15 we saw God part the Red Sea of traffic and riots and provide a way for Ronold, Kieth and Griffin to get to the airport.  After the wonderul embrace of friends we made our way back to Haiti Arise in Grand Goave.  We once again saw God's provision as we were able to safely travel back on dry ground with only the evidence of earlier riot remaining. God made a way and we are singing a song of deliverance.  Thank you Lord for bringing us here!   


Exodus 15:1 "I will sing to the Lord, for he has triumphed gloriously."


With Love,

Kayla and the Hope Church Team