Thank-you for all your Prayers we made it to Haiti, not the way we had planned but God was so good!  Even though it was 2 days of crazy travel it was great to see God working things out for us!  It was a true test of our team, and it was great to see how they handled it, we are so proud to call them our team!

So Here's what happened:

We arrived at the Calgary airport to find out that our first flight to Chicago Had been cancelled because of a snow storm.  So we had to Ladies working really hard to get us to our destination on time.  We were at one point told that we were not going anywhere today, and that we wouldn't be able to fly out until the next day, God provided a way, they were able to get us onto a flight to Huston, that night, so at 7pm we finally left Calgary, we arrived in Huston and went to the Airport hotel getting into our rooms at 12:30am.

After just a few short hours of sleep we were off.  we were too meet at 4:30 in the morning, but with a small delay because an alarm that never went off.   God was still good.  First we had to go to American Airlines to get our boarding passes for our flight from Miami to Haiti, then we had to get to a different terminal to get checked in for our flight from Huston to Miami.  We wanted to have our  luggage checked all the way through to Haiti because we only had a little more than a hour in Miami to get to our next flight and didn't want to worry about having to pick up luggage.

So when we arrived at the Check in counter, the lady said that we were too close to the 2 hour check baggage time, because we wanted to send our bags to another country.  She didnt think we could do it, but she did it anyways, the whole time saying that we were too late and she shouldnt be checking our baggage.   But she got it all checked for us!!  Praise God

So we flew from Huston to Miami at 7:30am got in at 11:00am to Miami where we Had 55 mins to change terminals and clear security again and get to the gate of our flight to Haiti.  We were so blessed that we did not have to go and get our bags and check them again, because we would have missed our flight.

We got to the gate with 10mins to grab a quick bite to eat on the plane and then we were finally off to Haiti.

When we arrived at Haiti it was 3pm.  The trouble was not over.  First one of our bags did not make it to Haiti.  Poor Elroy is without any clothes of his own.  Everyone has been sharing clothes with him so he has something to wear.  Hoping the bag gets to Haiti soon, please pray that it arrives. Oh just got word that its been found!  They will head to the airport tomorrow to get it.

So after getting the missing baggage claim done, we head out to find Haiti Arise and Get to Grand Goave.  But when we get out to the parking lot we find that the other team that arrived early this morning are still hanging out in the parking lot because of a taxi and Tap-tap strike, which turned into demonstrations and road blocks on the road that we were to take to Haiti Arise.  So they couldn't go anywhere.  So after hearing that things were starting to clear, we hired Haiti police escort for $400 to take us through the area where the road blocks had been, so that we would be safe.  It was sad to see the mess they had made of the roads, they had dragged trucks onto the roads and burned them, used rocks and tires to make road blocks where they would make you pay.  Yet God was there again we made it to Haiti arise without any problems!  Just one very full van!

We got to the compound.  Ate some supper and then some showers and a quick word from Wade and Marilyn then most were off to bed early.  It was too long stressful days of travel.

Today was a good day nothing too crazy for us, which was much needed!  After an orientation to Haiti Arise by wade and Marilyn, we got a tour of the Haiti Arise compound and all of their properties and the Children's village.  It  was really good to see how amazing this place looks, how much work they had put into it.

Today was also good becauses we were able to spend a good amount of time getting to know the other team we are here with, they are a great group, and we have already started a great bond, and on the way to becoming just one big team!  

We had church tonight.  It was bible study night and they were teaching on the Book of 1 Corinthians ch. 13. we heard a great message on how we are to love, and that How important Love is in everything we do, and how we are called Love!  It was a good challenge!

We ended our evening with Roof top debriefing, under the full moon.  We shared our thoughts and praises, sang some songs, while Cam lead us on the guitar.  We closed in prayer, in praise of OUR GREAT GOD!

Now the cards are coming out and they are trying get a game of Up and down the river.

Thanks for all your prayers during our travel it was felt and we thank you for your support of us being down here, we know God has great things in-store and we Hope everyone's heart will be  changed and affected by our time here.  God is working in Haiti unlike anything in North America, He is so present here.