Tried to post this wednesday but it didnt work so here it is now

Well what can we say but our time has come to an end here in Haiti.

Before we even arrived in Haiti we were tired, stressed, and feeling discouraged about leading another team after last year.

Now we can say that those things have left us. God has given us a great team, and to watch them and how God has used this experience to change lives, and bring us together with lasting friendships.

Tonight as we met up with marc and lisa on the roof for the evening debriefing, there were all sorts of emotions were shared, of our highs and lows of our time. 

This being our 4th time here in Haiti, God has revealed something different to us every year and has shown us a different side of Haiti.  This year we finally came to the conclusion that we cannot fix Haiti, but Haiti can fix us.  We cannot make that lasting impact in Haiti over the 10 days we are here but Haiti can make a lasting impact in our lives over the 10 days.

God is here, God is working through us.  And we are excited to come home new and changed children of His kingdom.  We hope to come home as a team that is on fire to make an impact in our Church, homes and our community.

God has stretched each one of us, outside of our comfort zones, to step out in faith, and rely on Him, and allow His spirit to work within us.  Im so happy that doesnt want to leave us where we are, but to mold us, form us into something new.  To be holy and like Jesus!

We want to be people of Love, God's love, to love all, in all things at all times.  

As we get prepared to return to life in Canada, please pray for us.  That with the changes in us here, that we will be able to keep those changes in our life when we return, that we would not return to the old way of life, but that we find a way to incorporate the experiences in Haiti to our lives from here on out.

Thank your for all your love and prayers we felt them.  We serve and Awesome God and we look forward to serving Him together in our church!

Catch you on the flip side Haiti!

Team leaders,

Cam and Kim