This is not goodbye, but "a tout a lere", We will see you later.  When asked the question in our final night here on the rooftop, how many of us would come back, every hand raised.  Pastor Mark and Lisa joined us, as well as Pastor Wade and Marilyn as both teams reflected on their highs and low during this trip.  It was almost unanimous.  The high --- the haitian people.  Their faith, their hope, their love, thankfulness, joy, and hospitality.  The low --- us leaving.  Of course all of us miss our families, but the reality is that we cannot simply sum up what happended here to our friends and family who will surely ask, "How was your vacation to Haiti?"  And just like the preparation it took in coming and the leap of faith that many of us took and risks, we must once again, prepare for the potential culture shock, the inability to share what can't be expressed in 1 or 2 sentences, and the fact that some people just won't get that you have returned a different person. 

But our Lord God is faithful, and there is a great harvest back home, who we must continue to share the good news.  And although in the last 10 days, we have gotten accustomed to people being so open and willing to hear about Jesus, that we are already heartbroken in anticipating how people are very different back home.  The contrast of people being receptive when you talk about Jesus.  But in being here, I've gained a new confidence and authority to know who I am.  I am a beloved child of God, gifted to share the goodness He has done in my life; share of the goodness and supernatural power He has done here in Haiti; to point people to Jesus when I or anyone complains about what they don't have or don't like about their life. 

We have been at a spiritually intense walk for the last 10 days and so everyone on this trip will have each other's back at home, understanding that things will never be the same.  And thank God that they won't.  We are lucky to serve at a wonderful church, that I am so thankful for places like The Father's House, that truly are a body of Christ, and believe in the principles of evangelism, service, ministry, and exercising our spiritual gifts.  They offer so many opportunities to grow and for us to walk in our gifting and so I am forever grateful.

The trip couldn't have ended any better with our last day visiting the Hands and Feet Children's Village and then a hospital in Petit Goave.  When the Lord says go, we are to answer Him.  And so in this trip, it has become so easy to hear Him; to listen what He wants you to do.  And Lisa reminded us tonight, continue to listen to Him.  We all have a destination, and we can make up in our minds, no matter what we must go through, just to GO!

Praise God for this experience.  Praise God for fellow believers.  Praise God for the vision of Haiti Arise.  And praise God for my return, with my daughter....see you soon Grand Goave, Haiti.  I love you.  I will be praying for you.  Please keep us in prayer, as well. (Shaunte-TFH)