Down to our final moments here in Haiti.  We are saddened to go but so thankful for the growth in each one of us during our time here. The team is taking far more home in their hearts then they ever expected and the lessons learned from such a faithful people will last our lifetimes.

Thank you to such a terrific team......for being committed to many hours of meetings, taking time away from your family, the financial committment to come and the time you spent in fundraising.  You made a difference and I want to say thank you.

As a team, we have had the pleasure of committing to drilling a well in the childrens village, supporting the tech school, the church at tapion and supporting a student through highschool.  We are blessed to be able to be part of such a great ministry and watch it grow from year to year. We will commit as Impact Haiti 2015 to faithfully pray through these different ministries here at Haiti Arise and the lives that it will impact.

To Wade and Marilyn, thank you for being such great hosts once again....for the leadership and guidance from day to day and for serving in the capacity that you do here. Haiti Arise is blessed to have you.

Marc and Lisa.....we love you and support you in the vision for Haiti Arise.  Thank you for your hospitality and the opportunity to walk the streets of Grand Goave to speak into lives and have them radically change ours.

To Three Hills and Montana.....we left you a couple things to do.....we pass on the unfinished painting, grouting, tiling, landscaping, etc blessed as we were in serving here.

Morning comes early here as we travel home.....thank you to our prayer supporters back home and everyone that gave to the ministry of Impact Haiti.....our lives are forever changed for having this opportunity.



aka Ms. Bossy Pants.....

(the team says this is a term of reeeeally????)