Anticipation, anxiety, disbelief are just a few of the expressions on 12 peoples faces'as we unloaded our personal belongings at Haiti Arise 9 days ago. Over the course of the last week there have been many different tasks accomplished from painting, to play ground equipment, wiring, to fixing skid steers just to name a few.  More importantly than the physical tasks are the personal life changes and growing in faith that has become evident on individuals faces and lives.  To experience life amongst a people that have an abundance of faith and joy in the midst of little or no personal possessions. This showed us that our possessions can be stumbling blocks in our life to relying on God.  As we come home the expressions have changed to awe, of the people and their faith.  Joy, because of a deeper walk with God and expectation, of the things to come. It has been an opportunity no one here would want to have missed and all want to repeat.
Blessings to all
Hot Stuff aka Mark 
   This trip to Haiti has been one of "firsts".  My first trip to this country, my first mission trip, my first time sponsoring a child, my first time leading a prayer over someone, my first devotional, my first community visitation, my first blog and my first 3 hour church service where I cried like a baby.
   Hot Stuff and myself have been doing most of our work in the Children's Village in one of the residential units.  We have been hooking up electrical wiring circuits to get ready for occupation.  All circuits have tested out ok after some trouble shooting.
   We mentioned a family yesterday that was in dire need of just about everything.  Today we delivered two mattresses, clothing and some hygiene items and we were able to lead them to the  Lord on ouor second visit. On top of that she was able to get to church tonight in  a wheelchair and she is severely crippled. Our team is now trying to fix the wheelchair to keep her coming to church.
   It is hard to believe that we will be back in Canada in less than 48 hours.  There is so much more we can do here and so much more the Haitians can teach us.



AKA Wayne