Good day all it is Mr X (Jeff) and Mrs Tear Drop (Dionna) here, it is day eight here for us. Today Rubber, Mouthy and I (Mr X) worked some more on repairing the children's playground equipment after receiving some purchased 2 X 4 s by Haiti Arise in town, one more day should see this project completed. During recess (1030 hrs) Rubber and I (Mr X) got a little arm workout when we had a sworm of children surround us and then had three Haitian children hanging from each arm at a time requesting we repeatedly lifted them up and down. After that Tear Drop, Countess, Rubber and I (Mr X) played hand slap, double double this this, and sang and danced to Peel Banana with the Haitian children. After our third round of Peel Banana they requested that Rubber sing and dance alone as they enjoyed him dancing crazy.

I must say (teardrop aka Dionna)Rubber's dancing skills have improved a lot since being here, as well as his snoring skills, so I am told. I have had a bit of a break from the constant snoring and am quite enjoying it...but shh don't tell Rubber.

Today I (Tear Drop) helped in the library sorting books and welcomed the break from the heat. It has been so hot that my toenail polish melted to my socks. Yes I am serious. After lunch we went to the children's village and prayed over the grounds and buildings for the families who will be living there. This is not an orphanage, this is a place where parents will take in children who do not have parents or are rescued from slavery. The Impact Haiti Team has agreed to use some team funds to help with the digging and construction of the well for the children's village that will provide the drinking water for the village.

Today our team went on their second community outreach, where Dynamites' (Linda) team had two Haitian males give their life to Christ today and promised to attend Haiti Arises' Tuesday Night church service tomorrow night. Bossy Pants' team visited the Haiti Arise translator's (Johnny) father and prayed for him, they also attended a husband and wife family with an elderly mother-in-law. This family literally had nothing in their home except a concrete floor (the team is planning on returning tomorrow to give the family some sleeping mattress, clothing and much needed items for their home). Today was a moving and yet another heart touching day in Haiti. God is working in all the team members and opening our hearts to see his love for the Haitian people.

The Haitian people have taught us that they fully rely on God for everything for they have so little. Their faith is so strong and inspiring. I (Tear drop) am in awe of them. They are greatful for each and everything they have and realize the blessings of God upon their lives.

Blessing to all,

Mr X and Mrs Tear Drop