Is it ruh roh, or rut roh?  This is a very serious question at 10:06pm tonight.  Instead of "uh oh" we say "rut roh" courtesy of Andrea La Hood.  (hehehehe)  Just another example of how silly we are.  Today was another amazing day.  Church service at 7am which Randy had been raving about this whole time.  Well today we got to experience it.  It was amazing.  Two children's groups gave beautiful worship performances, and our own Painters Supremes (I forget the name Randy had for them) performed "Break Every Chain", including Cody, Kinsey, and Kelli.  They tore the roof off.  The worship is a flare of Christian gospel mixed with Caribbean Calypso if you can understand the sound of that blend.  Members of both mission teams gave testimonies, including myself, Shaunte.  It's funny when you don't remember what you said afterwards.  But somehow the Holy Spirit had the right words. 

This afternoon we went back to our beach, YAY!!! We had a blast as usual and caught some really good footage. Our night ended with a fun filled dinner out with Pastor Mark and Lisa at a local goat and coke shop. Pastor Mark is awesome.  He told us an amazing story and he laughed at our adventures at the beach today. We recorded it on our phone and he cracked me up when he asked us "Okay, let me see it again."

Keeping it short and sweet tonight.  I'm tired.  Back to a full work day tomorrow.  Night. (Shaunte-TFH)