Hello from Haiti!  I have to apologize first thing as I have never blogged before.  Here it goes......  What a great day we all had today.  This morning Chandler and I (Joe) did our devotional and the feed back we got from the rest of the team was very positive.  I must say it felt very good to be able to do a devotional as we both have never done one before.  After the devotional we had breakfast and headed to the market.  I'm told that the market is most busy on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Boy, was it ever busy.  It definitely showed as how hard the Haitians work to earn a living.  It was great to experience the market but there was WAY too many donkeys (I fear donkeys).  I am really enjoying my time here in Haiti.  I love being around the people and helping out where ever I can.  (Joe) (A.K.A Rubber)

Hello it's Chandler now, and I'm going to talk about what we did this afternoon. So we went to the beach some of us had lobster (but it was fresh lobster) with spicy coleslaw and some chip shaped things forget what it was but it was good, like most food in Haiti. after the beach we had dinner. Like Rubber I'm really enjoying my time here in Haiti, and I also love being around the people their really friendly, they love talking to us, and building new relationships with us. Also really enjoy helping them out. One more thing Rubber snores a lot and makes funny noses in his sleep.  (Chandler) (A.K.A Mouthy)