Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us! We have felt blessed and everything has gone so smoothly so far. It's good to know we are being covered in prayer. Our typical day here starts with team devotions at 6:30am. Jeff, Scott, and I have done a couple of 6am workouts, from which I'm currently pretty sore. At 7 we enjoy a delicious breakfast and then all the staff and team members gather for prayer to start the day afterwards. Most of our team was working at the Children's Village which is in the early stages. Mark has had quite the chore of sorting out some confusing wiring. Several of the ladies were painting. Instead of helping to build stuff, I tore down a pergola of sorts which had been rotting away (it was one of things on Haiti ARISE's to-do list). Wood rots very quickly in the climate here and it seems impossible to find pressure treated lumber. It has been quite hot and humid here but the temperature is usually quite nice in the evening.  (Joel)

I think it's safe to say that all of us have been pushed out of our comfort zone at least a bit. It was a very good experience yesterday going to visit several Haitian homes and seeing the circumstances they live in. They are very welcoming. We had the opportunity to pray for each family, for which they seemed very grateful. I have enjoyed everything about the trip so far. One of the great things has been just being able to get away and spend some more time with God and to see what He is doing here. (Joel)

It's hard to believe we have only been here in Haiti for 5 days. The Haitian people have been so welcoming.  We all feel this is home away from home. We have been so blessed. Yesterday walking thru the village, speaking and praying for the families was such an amazing experience. The faith these people have. They live such a simple but a hard life. Yet their faith so much more deeper than anyone I know. We sure could learn so much from them. Paster Wade the other night said " If God was looking down at Canada and Haiti. Which one would he say was truly the under developed country" They praise God for everything and every step. We tend to call upon him only in troubled times.

It's a Girl!! Before coming to Haiti Tim and I had spoken about the possibility of sponsoring a child here at Haiti Arise. Well today our dream came true. She is three years. I got the pleasure to meet and spend some time with her. We had our photos taken together. I can't wait to show her off when I get home.

I thank God for this opportunity to be his hands and feet here in Haiti. I have learned so much about myself and where he is leading me. I expect Haiti will be a big part of my future. (Nikki aka Dash)